I trust you are all looking forward to the new season – fast approaching….

A Big “Thank You” to all that have worked hard during the winter, and more recently to have the Green ready,  Eric, Mike and Michael have worked tirelessly, and I have to say – it’s looking great!  Also, many others that have helped – cut the grass, paint benches, paint the outside of the changing rooms, build walls, tidy the pathways, Richard for keeping the bar ticking over – tidy, making sure all rubbish and green waste picked up, etc, etc.  Also, all on the Committee that do so much behind the scenes,  thank you!

This Saturday we will be opening the Club, lots of good things planned, “Jacks Bar ” will be open from 12 o’clock, and the Green will be opened at 2pm, by “H” our President, lets hope that the weather improves as the week goes on!

There will be a buffet available after the opening of the Green, along with some fun, we will have a few of our players tasting our Non Alcoholic v Alcoholic  – “Doom Bar”, (blindfolded) there will also be a small tasting table set up, hopefully you can try some of the drinks we have available!

Depending on the weather – hopefully after an initial roll up – we may have a little 7 end game, for those that wish to partake!

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday….